First Progress Update

Over the past few months, very little coding was done on The Dungeon. Instead, the time was spent working  on paper to get a better idea for the overall flow of the game and learning a bit about Blender so that I will have the skills to make the game feel more like what I imagine.

This update include the addition of a main screen before the game, a scene change when the final cell is accessed, a change in lighting, optimization which improved my FPS significantly, torch model replacement, player stats (not shown) and the start of basic enemy AI (not shown).

Detailed Changes:

  1. Main Screen - Simply displays title, passes to next scene on pressing space
  2. Scene Change - Simple fade and load next scene, carrying over player data
  3. Lighting - Instead of just orange to signify fire light, the player gives off a light blue which makes dark areas feel dark
  4. Optimization - I went overboard on particles originally, and decided that less still achieve the same desired affect without the cost to performance
  5. Torch Model - Created an un-textured stone torch model in Blender. Learning how to texture it is the next step.
  6. Player Stats - Player level, hp, experience, damage, ect. is tracked, but not used as of yet
  7. Enemy AI - The introduction of simple enemy AI that moves around and will move toward the player is created, but not used as of yet. 

I look forward to creating and updating The Dungeon to become an actual experience rather than a few rooms with basic controls. 

Until the next update,

Airi Karin

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Jul 14, 2018

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